Monday, April 12, 2010

The ultimate showdown: a man against his mac

Regardless of your operating system, you've probably heard of the Blue Screen of Death.

I have had more than enough experience with the BSoD on Windows machines, from Win95 through Vista (though I have not played with Windows7 yet).

To my great surprise, my 3 year old Macbook Pro gave me a blue screen and rotating gear upon shutdown last week. I let it run for about 5 minutes before giving up and shutting it down hard by holding the power button.

It has been running poorly since then, not allowing me to use Spotlight, Finder crashing randomly, etc. It all culminated today when, whist running Aperture 3, it locked. Hardcore. No response.
I told it to shut down. After 10 minutes of thinking about it, the shutdown sequence started, which was immediately followed by the BSoD, where it remained for 15 minutes at which point I gave up and hard-rebooted again.

The problems with spotlight continued, as did shutdown time. I gave up and popped in my Snow Leopard install disc. It took about an hour to re-install the operating system, plus a solid 30 minutes for the reboot that should have taken 30 seconds tops.

Once the operating system had been installed, the machine rebooted itself. Shutdown time: 8 seconds. Much better.

I am currently backing up the 7.98gb of changes to Time Machine, at which point I will continue where I left off editing my photoshoot from this afternoon.

If all is well, I expect to load the three photoshoots from this weekend over the course of the next couple days... though originally I had hoped to get them all up today - it doesn't look like that is going to happen.

Have a great Monday!