Thursday, April 15, 2010

Suicide: Debra

If you haven't read yesterday's post about art appreciation and dealing with sensitive topics in art, please do so!

I got the idea for this shoot a really long time ago. As I was looking through my sketchbook I discovered it and decided that now was the appropriate time to get it done.

The weapon is a Tanfoglio Witness CO2 BB gun. It was not loaded, there was no CO2, and the safety was on. There was no way this was going to hurt her in any way.

Pizza box softbox on an SB600. 

Pizza box softbox on an SB600. 

Bare SB600 zoomed all the way to 85mm

This was my first time working with Debra, who despite her feelings about guns did an absolutely wonderful job! I usually prefer to work with a model a few times before I embark on a project as dark as this one, but we had fun cracking up between bursts of photos and I hope to have Debra in front of my lens again in the near future.