Thursday, April 8, 2010

One Light: Molly

I realize it has been a while since I posted last. I realize it has been even longer since I posted any real photography (though I do like my iPhone shot of the iPad and headphones).

To make up for that, at least in some small part, I give you Molly: an outstanding photographer and a great model, though she might not admit to the latter.

I was sleeping sitting in class when the wheels of cognition and creativity finally and very suddenly started turning again. Jess was rambling on about the business side of photography, which got a whole bunch of thoughts cranking through my head in a very short period of time. In my endeavor to write these thoughts down (on my phone, naturally) I noticed Molly sitting across from me with a super-awesome scarf-thing. I immediately hopped on Facebook so as to message her whilst sitting only feet away (in order to avoid disrupting class, of course). For some reason she agreed to be photographed and as soon as class ended, we headed out to the studio. 

I grabbed one Profoto head and one large diffuser, just to see the light quality vs. a traditional softbox.
The light is blasting into the diffuser from just below Molly's face height. The diffuser is large enough to light her "tip to tail," as Jess would say, and it did a great job with the light. The spill onto the background was a bit of a pain, but nothing that a quick flag/reflector couldn't handle.

In addition to the B&W shots above, I got some color versions that I am quite partial to.

Not a huge amount of post processing to these, at least as compared to what we do in the Advanced Digital Workflow class that I enjoy every Wednesday evening.
Contrast, black point, saturation adjustments. Then just a little blemish removal and skin softening. Add a vignette and some sharpening and you have a finished product.

It felt GREAT to finally get some photos, put on the headphones and work some photos for a few hours.

With any luck I'll have another shoot on Friday, another post about the iPad over the weekend, and something to say about the business and/or social media aspects of photography in the next week.

For now, have a great Thursday!