Tuesday, April 20, 2010

M4 + Amanda

Amanda is one of my roommates and infrequent models. Regular readers of this blog have seen her before - most recently in this post.

On Sunday she put on a bit of a different look than usual and since I happened to have an M4 sitting around, we decided we might as well do a photoshoot with it!

I used the same AB800 lights as the zombie shoot. One in a big softbox and one nuking the white wall behind her. My "studio" is essentially a white cube, with textured white walls and a fairly low ceiling. The light bounced everywhere. I gave up having any control and just went with it.

Not a whole lot of post production on these - a little bit of dirt cleanup on the gun and some light dodging/burning in the shadows.

Little Sadie was wandering around so we dragged her in to model for us as well

I plan on doing another shoot with the M4 this week before it goes back to its owner.

In other news - Wednesday is my birthday (20!) and I will likely take the day off from the blog. I'll be photographing some marketing BS for the sports department in the morning and then going to classes just like any other day.

Have a great Tuesday!

For the record - the subject matter of this post is in no way related to the 4/20/1999 Columbine Shootings, which were an absolute tragedy. 11 years later, Columbine high school still closes on 4/20 - the day that two students chose to murder 12 students and a teacher, wounding 21 others before committing suicide.