Monday, April 19, 2010

iPad: professional tool?

When I first posted about the iPad a couple weeks back, I got a message on Twitter from Darren (@copelandhouse) asking my opinion about the device as a photography business tool.

My answer is that it could be a decent tool, depending on your photography business.

If you live in the studio and want to keep your clients amused - it'll do that
If you want to have your portfolio with you to show potential clients - it'll do that
If you need an instant model release - there's an app for that
If you want to play a slideshow of your photos - it'll do that too

Overall, if I worked in a studio full time, or perhaps if I was a wedding photographer who wanted to be able to whip out a recent wedding or two to show potential clients, I would probably pay the $500 for the 16gb version.

That, unfortunately, is pretty much the extent of what I think the iPad can do as business tool. I prefer writing emails on my blackberry simply because I can stand up and move around while I do it.

If you are a photojournalist or you work a lot on location outside of your studio, I think the iPad won't do a whole bunch for you... but that's just my opinion.

Photogs out there - what has your experience been with the iPad? Did I miss anything huge?