Friday, April 2, 2010

Apple Typo

Of all the companies, you'd think Apple would notice a typo like this.

This is one of the FAQs on the "notification of shipment" email that Apple sent me to tell me Aperture 3 is on the way.

What if I will not be available to receive my shipment?
Most of our shipments contain valuable items, so our carriers are required to obtain a signature upon delivery. However, orders delivered by DHL Global Mail/United States Postal Service do not require a signature. Please note that the carrier makes three delivery attempts before they returning your package to Apple

That is just plain silly.

Anyway. I bought Aperture 3 in hopes that it is faster and less of a resource hog than Aperture 2, which is a PIG!

I'm off to snowboard for the day! TGIF!!!