Saturday, March 6, 2010

Switchfoot Concert

Somehow, somebody at NAU convinced Switchfoot to come play a show on campus.
Miraculously, I convinced The Lumberjack to let me shoot it. I don't usually shoot A&E stuff but I used to be really into Switchfoot, so I took the opportunity to photograph their show.

These are my three top picks:

I shot 865 frames during the concert. The first 500 or so were during the first three songs while I was allowed up front. The rest were from my seat - Sun Entertainment was kind enough to give me a ticket in addition to a photo pass. For the first time I filled all of my memory cards in one night. Just under 16gb between the women's basketball game and the concert.

Tech stuff: I shot ISO 2000 to 3200. Lenses wide open at f/1.8 (50mm) or f/2.8 (28mm). Post processing is very minimal. Add contrast, add sharpening, just a little noise reduction. I've always loved the grainy look, so I kept most of it around.

Opportunities like this are why I still work for The Lumberjack. Though I'm pretty sure I could get in if I shot for Sun Entertainment, it doesn't hurt to have press credentials!

I'm off for a bike ride! Have a relaxing Saturday!