Friday, March 19, 2010

Swimsuit: Rachel!

I managed to get out of Flagstaff for a bit to assist Dahlia on a shoot in Glendale, AZ.

We photographed Rachel, an aspiring model looking to add to her portfolio and to get something to send to a modeling agency.

We used the same Alienbee AB800 two-light setup as earlier this week... and because of this shoot I'm pretty sure I'll be buying the same thing.

Two 320 w/s strobes in large softboxes against the sun. They kept up fantastically well.
The key light at full power was about f/16, which balanced really well with the background at 1/60 sec or so. I think as soon as my birthday money comes I'll be giving Mr. Paul C Buff a call to order this setup.

The setup, Dahlia and Rachel.

As the lowly assistant I didn't get a whole bunch of time with Rachel - I shot for less than 5 minutes.

I plan on helping Rachel to continue building her portfolio by photographing her a bunch more in the coming weeks. With any luck I'll get back into the groove of doing one fashion/modeling shoot every week.

Over the break I also finished off a roll of 400 speed B&W film. I hope to get that developed today. With any luck I got some fun stuff - I love shooting film.

That's it for now! Been playing a fair amount of God of War III on the PS3 - it is still Spring Break after all!