Monday, March 1, 2010

Portrait: Kelly

I discovered Kelly in my jewelry and metalsmithing class and asked her to model for me. For some reason she consented. We did a fairly quick shoot. Just over 300 frames in just under 45 minutes. I got my 3-light Profoto setup time down to about 15 minutes so we were in and out as quick as can be.

This is easily my favorite frame from the series. I go back and forth about whether I like the slight graduation of the background, but overall I still like it. This is one of the few times that I made black and white versions of the files and didn't like them. The red really gives this photo its pop.

Lighting setup was fairly simple. Two lights on Kelly (beauty dish above and softbox below) and then one light nuking the background. Either I didn't aim that light correctly or it wasn't powered up enough - thus the imperfect background.

The new border is one pixel wide and a medium grey just to set the photo off from the white background. This officially replaces the black and white double-border in my web prep.

Looks like I'm headed for one personal shoot each week. Just enough to keep me sane (ish) and producing new work, but hopefully not enough to drive me crazy (er).

Have a great Monday!