Sunday, March 14, 2010


I put these photos up on Facebook and totally forgot to write about them. Whoops!

This semester I'm taking a Jewelry and Metalsmithing class. Our first real project was a bracelet.
I did two. One for class that I spent about 12 hours on and one that I did start to finish in 1/4 that time.

Copper and brass.

Brass and copper.

Light setup was a piece of cake. My ever-trusty pizza box softbox as my only light source, then a reflector (piece of copy paper) camera left as close to the jewelry as I could get it. My seamless backdrop is just another piece of paper propped against the back of the chair.

I think the photos very accurately represent the jewelry - I just added sharpening for web and a little contrast. I've gotten a lot of great feedback about the jewelry and I am starting another flower piece with Nickel and brass for a paying client! If you're interested in jewelry like this, let me know! My time dedicated to making this stuff is fairly limited right now, but could be increased if there is any interest out there!

I'll be traveling to Glendale this week to assist on a modeling shoot. I'll be sure to shoot a few frames for myself to show you, my loyal readers!

Have a sunny Sunday! The weather is gorgeous in Flagstaff right now, though I hear it may snow later today...