Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Out Of Focus - OOF.

I think there is a lot to be said for photos that have absolutely no edge detail. No focus. Mistakes.

I shoot a bunch of crappy photos just like every other photographer out there. Nobody is afraid to admit it. I embrace my terrible photos - rather than deleting them because I was going for a different look, I try to evaluate them to see if they can be used in some other capacity.

This photo is one of my many OOF shots. A mistake that I've kept around because I think it is beautiful in its own way.

Eventually I'll post a whole series of these kinds of photos... but getting mistakes that look good is harder than it sounds, so it may be a while.

Also - for those of you on Flickr - please check out what I have uploaded there! Flickr is a great place to leave comments, suggestions, and get a feel for my photography. If we aren't "Contacts," please add me so I can see your photos as well!