Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Action - interviews at NAU

After such a great response to my post yesterday, I've decided to get the ball rolling, get off my arse, and do something about the state of the NAU photo program.

The first step in my solution process is to interview students and faculty with a standard list of questions. My goal is to get a fairly comprehensive view from each person I talk to. In doing so, I can determine if a small group of people are unsatisfied, or if a lot of people in the program aren't happy with what they're getting.

With that in mind - I'd like YOU to help me make a list of questions that I can ask both the faculty and the students in the program. I have a few below, but please leave a comment (or two or three) with your suggestions either about subtractions from my current list, or additions that should be made.

1) Name. Title. Organization.
2) Do you think the photography program at NAU does a good job teaching its students?
3) Do you think the program prepares students for a real-world career in photography?
4) Does a bachelors degree in photography help in the real world?
5) What is the biggest strength of the photo program?
6) What needs the most work?
7) Do you think all the instructors have real-world experience working in the industry?
8) Are there any instructors who you think should not be teaching?
9) Are there instructors who you think teach really well?
10) Do the instructors care about the success of their students?
11) What do you think about the in-class critiques?
12) Are the instructors accessible for out-of-class critiques? Are these critiques helpful?
13) Do the instructors and the program in general keep up with current technology and market trends?
14) Do the current instructors still photograph on a day-to-day basis? Are they producing work?
15) Are the facilities available to students enough?
16) When students need equipment, is it easy for them to get access to it?

That's my list so far. I need your feedback! Send me what questions you'd like to see answered and I'll make sure that answers are forthcoming.