Monday, January 11, 2010

Staying interested

On Saturday night I shot a basketball game at NAU. I shoot a lot of basketball games and this one wasn't really any more or less interesting than any other game. I've decided that my biggest problem is staying interested. I show up, shoot the first half, and by halftime I'm usually bored (especially when we're losing).
So to keep myself taking pictures and paying attention to the world around me, I occasionally photograph non-sports things at the game.

Saturday, my off-topic victim was my boss, the Photo Editor of The Lumberjack newspaper - Jenn Hilderbrand.

 The space on the court is such that we have a fair amount of room to sit down, get comfortable, and then get rammed by humongous basketball players as they slide across the floor. They can knock you right off the court with little difficulty. That aside, I was lying down on the floor trying to get a new angle when I noticed Jenn's boots. I snapped a few pictures (while she laughed at me) and then continued shooting the game. I didn't get any good photos of the basketball players from that angle, but I tried which is what counts for me.

It looks like its time to start the grind of classes again. My Mondays are miserable: classes from 9am to 10pm. Whew. I'll do my best to stay interested, even though today will be all syllabus talks.

Have a great monday!