Monday, January 25, 2010


I've managed to rack up a fair number of photos in the last few days. Many of them sit in the folder whose contents will eventually end up on this blog.
Over the last week, Flagstaff has had just over 55" of snow. I spent a fair amount of time lounging around the house in my PJs, but I got out to take some pictures as well.

Somewhere in the last week, the furnace and/or thermostat has decided it doesn't want to function properly anymore. As such, instead of a toasty 72, we're at 60 degrees F.
Also, due to all the snow NAU closed for two full days and had a delayed start on one day. That means a lot of makeup work in the coming week, which means I'm going to be even busier than usual. In comparison, FUSD - the local school district - has been closed pretty much all week and has a delayed start today.

Oh well. I'm off to start my homework! Have a great Monday!