Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blogs I Read

I've finally amassed a decent sized blogroll, the contents of which I willingly share with the world. In my (oft complained about) RSS feeder I have approximately  45 blogs. Of those, very few are updated with much frequency, but between all of them I usually have 30 to 45 minutes worth of reading every morning. This ritual of reading keeps me up to date with what is happening in the photography world. Below is a list of my most-read blogs. These blogs all have great content with regularity. Many of them post daily.

To keep up with the best of photojournalism visit The Lens blog (by the NY Times)
Learn about events like Help Portrait and the Worldwide Photo Walk via Scott Kelby's blog.
Learn about off-camera flash technique on David Hobby's Strobist blog
Keep up with Joe McNally and his exploits on his blog
Watch Zack Arias' blog for his amazing Portfolio Critique's and for a great take on the creative struggle.
I religiously read Chase Jarvis' blog which has a refreshing variety of content
The tippy-top of my blogroll is Pixelated Image by David duChemin, whose writing and photography continue to help me along the path of a photographer seeking to continue to learn.

Believe it or not, I do read a couple non-famous-people blogs.
Laura Chernikoff writes a blog that includes great movie reviews - she tells you what she thought and then (much more importantly) WHY she thought that about a particular movie. Its a personal blog, so she writes a bunch of non-movie stuff too - but I go mainly for the movie reviews.
Meri Bergess writes a blog that contains her art and her struggles with it. I love her style of drawing and its great to see how other people deal with the creative life and the challenges it presents.
Simon Hucko has a great blog: [title of blog] showcasing his life as a "Lab tech by day, photographer by night."
Jay Stott posts on occasion about his adventures as a photographer, public school teacher, and all around awesome guy.

Basically, I add every decent blog that I come across to my morning blogroll. Then, if their content isn't relevant to me or I get sick of what they have to say, I delete them from the RSS reader.

Some blogs I've removed include Ken Rockwell's. In addition to a PITA RSS feed that refused to cooperate with me (to be fair, this was probably my fault), Ken has been talking a lot about shooting film and a lot about the new LEICA cameras. I'm not interested in film or Leica, so he got kicked off my list. Once upon a time a lot of his content was super relevant to me - and I still search his site for fair reviews of all equipment, Nikon and Canon.

David Ziser also got kicked off my blogroll. His site has some great business ideas (every Thursday) and wonderful photography... but all of it pertains to weddings and his wedding photography business. I don't do weddings so I don't care.

The list above contains (obviously) not all the blogs I read - but definitely some of the best. If you haven't tried any of the blogs above, I suggest you add them to your RSS reader. If you don't like them, delete them.

Don't have an RSS reader? Despite all my complaining (all due to user error) I highly recommend Google Reader. Its free and it keeps your blogroll on Google's (huge and reliable) servers - which means you can access your blogs wherever you have an internet connection. It saves a lot of clicking too - instead of keeping all the blogs you read in your browser bookmarks, just go to one site and see them all.

Along the left are the blogs I keep track of - in the center is a preview of one post (shown is PixelatedImage)

If you have any blogs you think I might enjoy, please leave a comment on this post with a link! I love learning new things and discovering new people with similar interests.
In fact, whenever you read a blog post you like, on my blog or anywhere else - please comment! Authors love comments!