Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Figured it out - DUH

You ever encounter a solution to a problem that makes you stop and just say "Duh!"?

I did that this morning after I figured out what was wrong with my Google Reader issues.
Turns out I was "following" Ken Rockwell via, which has its own management system totally separate from Google Reader. As such, though I could delete the feeds from the reader, I wasn't deleting them from the list of blogs I was "following" via Blogger. So, every time Google Reader checked with Blogger, it re-added the feeds.

I went in, deleted the feeds from Blogger, and all is now well.

Also - bought a card reader yesterday from Target. Slowest damned thing EVER (8 minutes to download 2.4gb), but it gets the job done, and now lives on the back of my macbookpro just in case.

Yay for duct tape.

Tomorrow's post will actually contain photographs. I know. The day you've all been waiting for....
Here's a teaser.