Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Backgrounds!

Did something a little different for December... you may recognize these photos :-)

I have two backgrounds for your enjoyment this month, each with and without the monthly calendar.
Since I have two monitors, I have to make two backgrounds and this month (mainly due to my lack of good photos) I made them from pictures I shot on my iPhone.



Each was around 800 pixels wide out-of-phone, so I used Photoshop for some resizing and some selective softening and sharpening to make them bearable on a big screen. I'm happy with each of them. One is soft and easy and comforting, the other is grainy and gives me my own personal window and winter-wonderland scene (since it hardly ever snows in Flagstaff).

Click to enlarge, then right click to either save, or set as your desktop background!