Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Complaining: GOOGLE!

It happens sometimes. A company provides a free service that doesn't quite work right.

In this case, Google Reader is ticking me off, and since I have a blog (generously provided by Google), I figure I might as well publish something about it!

The problem: I want to unsubscribe from a couple blogs that no longer interest me. It appears to work just fine, but upon logging back in, it turns out i was never unsubscribed and the posts I haven't read are still marked as such.

So. Here I click "OK", and it tells me I won't receive updates anymore... but when I log in again, I see that "Ken Rockwell's Updates" is still in my blogroll, and now there are even more posts that I haven't read!

Solution: I can either switch to a different RSS reader, which will make Google less money because I don't see their ads... or Google can get their stuff together and fix it!
Oh, and while Google is paying attention to me (ha, i know, its ludicrous), I'd like a spellchecker in the Blogger UI.

In the meantime, anyone know of a nice RSS reader that's free? Leave a comment below!