Friday, November 20, 2009

Update: my life

Well. I haven't been posting nearly as much quality material as I usually hope to, mainly because I haven't been shooting much of anything good.

I'm getting towards the end of a couple projects: The first is a photography and poetry book that is nearing the end of its first draft. I hope to have that out to editors I trust by the beginning of next week.
Second, I'm finishing up a roll of 3600 ISO 35mm film that has been in my camera for nearly 8 months. I'll get it developed sometime over the weekend.

I (of course) have many more projects that I haven't even started yet. Scanning in my 35mm film binders, for instance. I've got a bunch of 35mm negatives that I want to scan in at moderate resolutions (8-12mb/file) so I can actually use the photos and make prints from them in the future when I lack the chemicals necessary to do so. The scanners that the school has available to us can make 500mb files out of these slides without a problem... but I don't have the hard drive space or the processing power to deal with files like that.

In other news, the power was out on campus and in places around Flagstaff last night. We were in the middle of a men's basketball game when we lost power. It stayed out for about an hour (my guesstimate), which was long enough for the officials to call off the game 4 minutes into the second half; no winners and no losers. What I shot of the game I shot at 3200 ISO just to see what I could get. They look great! Then when the power went out I boosted it to my camera's max of 6400 and tried my hardest to get any kind of picture. I was making 5-8 second exposures handheld at 6400 ISO. predictably they look like crap.

lit by a bystander's flashlight

popup flash, 5 second exposure

 1/160 at ISO 6400
The top two photos are the marching band enjoying themselves, playing and literally singing Kumbaya in the dark. The third is of NAU TV Services' setup while they film the announcer and the head coach. Though the power was out in the building, the TV crew has a big truck that sits outside, so they fired it up and used it as a generator to power their lights and cameras.

That's all for now!