Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Too long...

It's been way too long since I took a picture that wasn't sports related.
12 days, in fact.

So, yesterday I grabbed my camera, hopped in my car and headed out to do some photos that actually meant something to me. I came up with this pair of shots that I'm quite happy with.

These guys were a blast to be around, though I didn't quite agree with their music taste (country was blaring throughout the garage) I really enjoyed the atmosphere and watching them work. I think they enjoyed the attention.

I also filled out the necessary paperwork to do a ride-along with the Flagstaff PD. I'm thinking about doing a "Day in the life" series for the police and fire department in Flagstaff... something that would likely run in The Lumberjack.

The Boulder Help-Portrait group is coming along very well. As of yesterday we have a location in downtown Boulder, nearly a dozen photographers signed up, and the potential to take pictures of a few hundred people if we can get the word out. I'm psyched!

That's it for today!