Thursday, November 5, 2009

My way, on the highway! + 7 photos in the LJ

I was sitting at my computer yesterday, listening to Zack Arias' Critique Episode #12, getting totally bogged down in his total lack of anything positive to say, when I happened to look out the window and see that the light was absolutely perfect for a photo that I've been wanting to do for a few days. I happily put Mr. Arias on Pause, grabbed two of my roommates who happened to be lounging about, and we went out to take some pictures.

The most recent photo I have of either of them was taken in December of 2008, nearly a year ago (and I blogged about it HERE).

For this shoot, Scott is driving my 2002 Jetta (it's a diesel) and Amanda is my subject.
Needless to say, I made the right model choice.

This shot was pretty much the goal, although I envisioned it in color. I've taken to watching a little more TV than is usual for me. I don't do it for the TV shows (which for the most part still absolutely suck), but while I'm watching TV, instead of mindlessly absorbing everything it throws at me, instead I'm reverse-engineering the lighting, or thinking how I'd get a still of that video scene. The above photo was inspired by a commercial of some kind, for some product I don't even remember.

Tech stuff:
We're blasting down the highway, doing about 65mph. Since the sun is behind my model, I needed to give her a little more light. I used the pop up flash on my D300 for the first time EVER as fill light, set to TTL -2 stops. I would have preferred a reflector, but didn't want to stick one out the window at that speed. Because of the flash, my shutter speed was limited to 1/250, so I backed it down to 1/160 and ramped up my aperture a little to f/7. amazingly enough, at 65mph and 1/160 second, I got quite a nice blur on the road/trees, along with a really nice lens flare. I'm using my 18-55mm kit lens that came with my D50 so many moons ago.

In total, I shot 122 frames. I made my selections very quickly and only edited one. It was simply the only good one. Photoshop includes getting rid of the reflection of me in her left (camera right) eye, replacing that eye, and toning down a bunch of the crappy reflections from the pop-up flash.

Usually I would cut this post off here... but today is Thursday! So here is your

Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra 
Domestic Violence Awareness 
Profile shot: Sarah Neatherton (soccer player
Men's Basketball (x3!)

I *think* those are all the photos of mine that made it online. There should be another photo (standalone) in sports of the swim and dive team... but I guess it didn't make it online yet. That's a personal best of SEVEN images published in one issue :-D

Also, props to Bryan Kinkade (the photo editor at The Lumberjack) for his Photo of the Week

Whew. Sorry for the long post! Hope you enjoyed it!
(still no spellchecker...)