Monday, November 16, 2009


Once again I've amassed enough photos (four) that don't suck that I feel showing the world is ok.

All were taken on my iPhone and processed only using the Best Camera app on the iPhone. They are shown below and order from (in my opinion) good to not-so-good.

Some photographers make fun of me to shooting with a wimpy 2mp iPhone when I could be hauling around my huge D300. I shrug it off because I always have my blackberry and iPhone with me, but carrying around my big camera body is a pain in the a$$ when I have other things to do and carry. A backpack is all well and good, but my camera doesn't fit inside it well unless it's made for holding cameras. If its made for holding cameras it (naturally) can't hold much else, like all the stuff I need for classes.

Besides, the limitations of the iPhone are what make using it so fun.

After my morning classes I'm going to shoot all afternoon (with my big camera). Two assignments for The Lumberjack and then a couple things for my Intermediate Photography class. By then I'll be having too much fun to stop, so hopefully I'll make a few personal photos too :-)