Friday, October 2, 2009


As I have ranted on this blog and the blogs of others: I am not happy with the photographer-videographer lines merging. I prefer to have someone who thinks exclusively in still images and one who visualizes in video... but alas, the world doesn't seem to care much about what I think.

As such, in the interest of staying competitive and having a little bit more fun with life, I will do my best to shoot video once in a while.

Over the summer, my buddy Sean and I used our cell phones to record our friend Kitt longboarding down the street, flying a butterfly kite. During our car ride to vacation in Indiana, we collaberated our video clips and each created a different version of the same event. I finally got around to posting mine on YouTube, so check it out:

(if you don't see it, click HERE)

I plan on keeping this project fairly simple. No fancy video cameras, at least, not until I figure out what I'm doing. For now it will just be the 2mp camera on my cell phone, recording video at
tragically small resolutions, like 240x176.