Thursday, October 22, 2009

Late Newspaper post!

My apologies!
I totally spaced blogging this morning, and then managed to kill my laptop battery whilst editing the November background image (so cool!).
 - I only get an hour of battery life when running such programs as Photoshop and Aperture. Time to buy a new battery? I think so!

Today was actually a good day for me in terms of getting published: 5 of my images ran, + I got Photo of the Week (which I get with some regularity, mostly due to the fact that nobody else submits fun pictures every week).

Cover of the paper: Back of some dude's shirt = crappy picture. No idea how it ran cover
2 shots for a bunch of climate-crazed bikers
1 of 4 images in a sports collage
A football Profile
Photo of the week: swimmer