Monday, October 12, 2009

Kids, soccer, blog editing!

First thing is first, I am now using the new online composer for Blogger and so far (After my first 15 words) I like what I see. If Google/Blogger has finally figured things out, making and publishing this blog post should be oodles easier than it has been in the past.

On to the real content: I shot about 110 frames of the NAU-Portland State soccer game... and I also shot 70 frames of this adorable little boy during halftime.

(update: Blogger has finally figured out how to have my images load where my cursor is! This is huge news! The image loader UI has also been updated)

About the images... I was part of a group of five photographers taking a break during halftime just lounging in the sun when I noticed this little tike toodling around with his dad. As they walked past the throng of phtographers, he noticed a couple of soccer balls lying around and decided he wanted to play soccer too. He pulled away from his dad, grabbed a ball, carried it onto the field and started throwing it, kicking it and generally amusing himself and all those photographers and soccer fans in attendance.
All the photographers grabbed their cameras and went at it, much to the amusement of this boy's parents. I made sure to stay after the game and give the parents my card and tell them I'd be happy to furnish them with photos for free, which made them happy.

(update: Usually at the end of my post I use the in-editor spellchecker to make sure I haven't made any hugely embarrasing spelling errors... but now I can't find the spellcheck tool! Apparently Blogger giveth, and Blogger taketh away.)