Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I finally have an iPhone. One of my (very awesome) friends decided he didn't need his old one (due to an upgrade to the 3gs) so he straight-up gave me his 1st gen 16gb iPhone.

Unfortunately, the AT&T service (like so many places) is terrible in Flagstaff. It is so terrible that I switched to Sprint when I moved out here last year. So, instead of using the iPhone as a phone, I use it as a super-awesome iPod with a camera and wifi. The best part: The Best Camera App (courtesy of Chase Jarvis). I'm working on a project where I will shoot and process a bunch of images using only the iPhone and the applications available for it. Here's a teaser for you!

It has a white border, which you can't see on here on the blog, but that adds a nice touch to it.
Right now it looks like I'll be using the same filters for all the images to get a nice cohesive feel out of the series. I'll publish it somewhere at sometime in the future.

In other news: i'm thinking about taking a break from Facebook and Twitter during the month of November. Instead of wasting my life away in front of the computer, I would read, study, and otherwise be productive. No real consensus on that yet, though it is a definitely possibility.
If I do take a break, I'll still be blogging. Since my blog is automatically published to Facebook, those of you that get my posts there will not be affected :-)

Have a wonderful day, take some pictures, give someone a hug!
(still no spellchecker)