Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Flagstaff Landscapes

As I've said before, I like taking pictures with people in them.
Fruit, Landscapes, Still life... it's all so tragically boring, at least compared to a photo with a person or an animal.

Having said that, here are my three black and white finalists for a landscape assignment in my Intermediate Photography class.

(re-edit of 1st image since original post)

Maybe if you're good and you eat your vegetables, I'll post my color finalists tomorrow. The color really is great in these (after some serious post-processing), but I will always like black and white better. I envisioned these photos in black and white, so I'll probably print them that way.

Speaking of printing, I opened a Sams Club account yesterday and had a print made of the strawberry from a couple posts ago. They did a phenominal job. I will definitely be printing everything there from now on, especially because Walgreens got a new printer and didn't get it calibrated correctly, so black and white images end up green, blues go purple, reds go orange, etc. Not to mention Sams Club's prints are half the price and I can choose matte or glossy (I always choose matte), whereas Walgreens gave me glossy and I had to pay 12 cents extra for matte.

(more on the new blogger editor: The photo uploader has one big flaw in that I can upload several images at a time to their server, but I cannot select multiple images to be published at one time, so I have to click the image (once it's uploaded) hit ok, click the photo icon again, click the other image, hit ok, and repeat as necessary. It gets old. Also, still no spelllcheck)