Tuesday, October 20, 2009


If I have one major flaw in my photography, its that I get bored easily. I'll be shooting volleyball an all of a sudden I'll see a cute little girl smiling up at her dad, or I'll be shooting swimming and I'll have the brilliant idea to do a compilation shot of a diver doing a 1.5 front flip.

Spent about 70 frames getting a series that I like, then spent 30 minutes in photoshop to get a decent compilation. I know, it's nothing like what Chase Jarvis recently produced on his SanDisk shoot, but I had fun doing it, and that's what counts!

I did one of these a couple years back (man, I'm getting old!) for the dominant photo in my highschool yearbook of boy's basketball...

This was the first compilation that I ever did... before I knew anything about photoshop.
I don't consider myself an expert now, but this image took me 1.5 hours to process as opposed to 30 minutes. You can see part of my setup too: all the hotlights I could wrangle all moved as close to him as could be. The overhead sodium vapor lights are on as well, which is where my green/purple tinges are coming from. You make do with what you have...