Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Color: for your consideration

As promised, here are the two color landscape images that I don't hate.
Let me know if you prefer the color or the black and white by posting a comment below. I have to choose which of these suckers to print and submit for the assignment.


Simon Hucko said...

I like the black and white version of the first one better (the car in the woods) - I think the color distracts from the subject too much. The second photo, however, I prefer in color - the color in the clouds is fantastic, and you lose that feeling with the black and white

Mark said...

I like color in most photos more, especially the landscapes, but I do like black and white for portraits and such.

Laura said...

Whether or not they work in black and white also, these are both awesome pictures as they are. Especially with the landscape, the color is part of the beauty and the wonder.

(Any chance of getting a desktop out of either of these? hint hint :P)