Monday, September 28, 2009

Today's real post...

After spending 30 min reading the e-book presented in the post below, I picked one of the many "Creative Exercises" and decided to give it a try. Actually, I picked a few pieces from a few of the exercises and played a mix-and-match sort of game.

First off, Set the camera to manual: from the exercise on the "Shoot On Manual" tip. pg 21.
Then, set the camera to monochrome: from the exercise on "Shoot Monochrome" tip. pg 29-30
Then, do the opposite of all the voices in my head saying "That won't work" from the "Play. Risk. Fail" tip pages 14-15.
Finally, play around in Aperture with the sliders and settings I've never used before from the "Learn the Digital Darkroom" tip. pg 4.

All of these things combined to give you the images below!

These first two are multiple exposures. 2 shots for each, one with everything out of focus, one with a sharp focus on something. I think the result is rather dreamy.

Tech stuff:
Camera was in full manual mode. ISO 400, F/stop either 3.5 or 13 (the only 2 I used). Manual focus. I kept my 18-55mm lens at 18mm. I shot these in JPG so as to have the ability to shoot monochrome.

It was a fun experiment. Hopefully the wonderful David duChemin will find time to put up some of these creative exercises on his blog (kind of like how David Hobby does on with bootcamp) so as to give his readership a chance to compete/shoot with the same goal in mind.

That's all for now!