Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday news links

Hello and welcome to another Thursday and another issue of The Lumberjack Student Newspaper.
For those of your unfamiliar with the routine, I post the photos that I took that ran in any of the local newspapers. In the past this has only been The Lumberjack, though it appears I will be also frequently be published in the AZ Daily Sun.

First off: Diversity and dancing LINK

Then: Restaurant review on Pita Jungle LINK

Those are the 2 shots that I had in the paper this week.
Here's an honorable mention to Jake Peterson for his girls soccer photo (shot on the Canon 5d MkII at 5000 ISO) LINK

I also ran a photo from that same soccer game in the AZ Daily Sun, a newspaper that serves Flagstaff and the Northern Arizona area. LINK

That's all for now! I'm running Mac OSX Snow Leopard on my Macbook Pro now, so as I experiment with it I'll post here and on Twitter the differences that I find, and what I think about them.