Friday, September 18, 2009


First off, let me link you to a gallery on the NY Times photography blog: LENS. This series of photographs (and the accompanying article) is very well done, I promise, if you like any of my work, you'll like this too.

Now, on to some of my stuff.

Yesterday morning Professor Balzer (who we met in this post) gave my class a demonstration on how to shoot fashion photography. He had instructed the class to dress up for class so he could use one of us as a model... but somehow nobody in class felt like dressing up, so he modeled for us.
I did most of the light set up because everyone was far too sleepy to be running around settings up lights and reflectors. After we got all the lights up, a flurry of shutter clicking ensued. The one day I didn't bring my camera to class, we actually had something worth shooting. That didn't stop me though. I whipped out my blackberry, fired up the 2MP camera and starting shooting. I knew that the images would take some serious photoshopping, so with that in mind I laughed at myself along with my classmates.

I spent my "Into to Digital Workflow" class in photoshop again (I'm afraid this may become a routine) instead of paying attention. Here are my results:

After Balzer was finished modeling, he dragged one of the students into the lights and had us shoot her instead. I'm not nearly as happy with how this one came out... but considering how the original looks, it's definitely an improvement. I probably could have fixed it up a little more, but the filters that save me from the terrible quality of these images also blurred or distorted the painting on her jacket, which defeated the purpose entirely.

I'm shooting soccer tonight, then a marketing gig for the sports department. If I get anything worth looking at, I'll post it... but don't hold your breath ;-)