Thursday, August 20, 2009

Who needs 12MP?

First, some sad news. My shoot with the Ferrari got killed by the weather. Me, my model and a buddy who wanted to see a Ferrari in person assistant showed up on location on schedule 30 min before the shoot was to start. The weather looked ominous, but hoping that it would pass over us, I decided to run my extension cords, hook up my power (a 1000 Watt power inverter on my car) and set up all my light stands, keeping the lights in their case until I was sure the weather wouldn't turn nasty. Naturally, 5 minutes after getting everything set up, it started to sprinkle and then rain, and eventually pour. My assistant and I got everything taken down and safely in the warm and dry car, but it was clear that the shoot wasn't going to happen. We ended up meeting with the guy and seeing his Ferrari 360 Spider, and BMW M5. Amazing cars. Apparently he and his business partners have plans to move everything from Parker, CO down to Scottsdale, AZ, so I may yet get a chance to photograph these cars.

Here's another set of shots from my 2 megapixel camera phone. As always these get more photoshop treatment than the majority of my photos.
My process for camera phone images:
1) Select the pictures that don't totally suck
2) Pull the non-sucky pictures straight into PS
3) Double the resolution (From native 72dpi to 150)
4) Run the Noise reduction filter at least once.
5) Play around in the filter gallery until I find something that doesn't hurt to look at
6) Play with curves, levels, saturation until the image looks passable
7) (optional) Run the Noise reduction filter again
8) Crop as needed
9) Post to blog

That's how it goes.

I am now back in Flagstaff, AZ for school. I'll be back at NAU starting Monday where I shoot sports for the university, am a photo editor for the school newspaper, and am double majoring in Marketing and Photography.

That's all for now!