Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back to our regularly scheduled blogging...


Just got back from an awesome family vacation in La Grange, IN.
We have some property on a lake (Oliver Lake, if you're interested) and so we go out there for a week every summer and play in the water and relax.

I shot this on my camera phone whilst sitting and enjoying the view:

And then I took some real pictures with my big camera.

The above shot is actually a pano of 4 images stitched together. At full resolution it stretches some 135" wide, though the lens flare I got is stopping me from printing it...

This is edited a bit in Aperture, just to push the colors where I wanted them to be and get the extreme crop.

This is one of my favorites from the trip... and I can't quite figure out why...

I got a bunch of photos that I'm looking at for use as desktop backgrounds for next month. Also am working on a few shots from my phone that need some post-processing. I'll also post some of the action shots from Indiana (boating/wakeboarding/skiing), as well as some shots from the Ferrari 360 Spider that I'm shooting tomorrow evening.

Lots of fun stuff coming up, so stay tuned (or stick me in your RSS reader by clicking the "subscribe" link at the bottom of the page)