Monday, August 17, 2009

Action shots

Whew! This is an image-rich blog post.

In no particular order, below are some of the decent action shots that I got from the various water-sports during my vacation.

First off: My dad slaloming on a perfectly calm lake. Check out his reflection in the water!

Next up, some wakeboarding!

My buddy Sean showing me how it's done.
Sean could land some epic jumps, but his dismount at the end of a run was always a spectacular jump and biff, thus he is not holding onto the rope.The epitome of cool.

I can't take credit for these 3 shots (which Sean shot with my rig), but you didn't think I'd go and NOT get on the wakeboard, did you? My epic biff was not directly after this jump (which I landed wonderfully: shot 2), but a couple jumps later.
My epic biff! This fall actually tore out the ball in my captive earring, so I had to buy another earring when I got back home.
We then took turns riding the WaveRunner. I shot from the same boat that we were wakeboarding/waterskiing behind, while the waverunner had fun in our wake.

I really like this silhouette sort of shot.

Sean *ahem* Mark getting it all the way out of the water, although not for very long.

That's that!

Off to pack my stuff for college (yay!) and double check my gear for a couple shoots this afternoon/evening.