Tuesday, July 28, 2009

(Google) Blogger fail

I know just a little HTML coding.
In my recent post titled "Why Pay?" I used the [strike] tag to get a strikethrough on a few words for humor. Blogger, in its infinite wisdom, decided it would help me out and add a bunch MORE strike tags...
Effectively striking out entire paragraphs and requiring me to go into HTML editor and delete scores of unneeded strike tags.
Blogger also adds each picture I post to the top of the page. Very annoying as I usually write what I have to say, then add the pictures. Doing so, I am forced to drag each picture through all the text (usually not very much) to its rightful place.

Things like this (the little things) are why I would consider moving this blog to Wordpress (as David duChemin of Pixelated image suggested I do ages ago).

I figure, perhaps if I get the word out and complain a little, Blogger (and subsequently Google) would consider giving blogger a little makeover.

If they were to do this, I would ask for just a few features:
  1. The ability to edit posts full-screen, like in Wordpress
  2. Load photos where I place my cursor before loading, (like in Wordpress) instead of the top of the post
  3. Don't insert unneeded tags, after I've done the HTML correctly in the first place
  4. Give us an underline as well as the bold and italic buttons on the editing bar (like in Wordpress)
Addressing little things like that would make me MUCH more content with blogger and my blogging experience... especially because the major competitor already has them. I've already got so much invested in blogger (250+posts and photos) that it would be a real shame to switch over entirely...