Thursday, July 30, 2009

click test

I imported all the posts from this blog over to Wordpress. In addition to failing to bring over the high-res versions of each photo (which Google keeps on a server somewhere with obscure links only Blogger knows), Wordpress also fails tragically at a very simple task: click-to-enlarge photos.

It takes me 11+ clicks to make an image click-to-enlarge the way that Blogger does with just 4 clicks. The whole reason I am considering switching is to make things easier on myself... but doubling my work-per-photo is not likely do that in any way!

To to see how it really compares to Wordpress I loaded the photo below on both blogs.

The enlarged version (click above) on Blogger is MUCH bigger than on Wordpress, and the in-post version is smaller, which I like.
On the other hand, in Wordpress the image is placed in its final destination on the post, rather than the top of the post, where I almost never want it.

I'm currently going back and forth on whether I really want to switch.
Check out the new Wordpress version of the blog here:
and feel free to comment on either blog.

Should I switch?