Friday, July 31, 2009


This has been planned for some time, and today I am excited to announce I'll be loading one full resolution file at the beginning of every month for you to use as your desktop background image!

The image for August is my top pick from the Estes Park Photowalk, and has actually been my desktop background since I shot it.

I'm loading it today because tomorrow is going to be a fairly busy day for me, and I likely won't have a bunch of time to blog.

 On each image I will include a small-ish calendar, so you can keep track of how the month looks simply by glancing at your desktop.
Credit where it is due: David duChemin of PixelatedImage has been doing this since before I was born for a while now and since I have personal problems with using a desktop image that I didn't take, I figured I would do the same. David even uploaded the many-layered PSD file that is the calendar such that anyone with photoshop and the desire could add a little calendar to their photos. David is one of my favorite photographers and he's definitely on the top of my morning blog-reading list.
The full size file (click to enlarge and download) is 2650x1700 pixels, so it should fit comfortably on pretty much every desktop.