Friday, June 19, 2009

Not totally useless...

People have been coming over all week to keep me entertained/amused while I recover from my wisdom teeth removal. Yesterday we sat outside in between movies and enjoyed the nice weather for a bit. Lucy and her dog Riley are both wonderful to photograph and I ended up getting some surprisingly nice photos.

I've become a huge fan of the really narrow crops like this bottom photo of Riley. I'm not happy with the way my D300 totally blew out the colors here, but it looks much worse in B&W and I don't possess the necessary photoshop skills to fix it. The narrow crop though, I have fallen in love with mostly because I am sick of seeing the same ratio in every single photo ever. Doing a square or super-rectangular crop tends to mix things up and keeps me (and hopefully my audience) interested.

In other news, apparently the people with green photos on Twitter are those in support of Iran and the struggle going on there. I could have desaturated my photo and then put a green cast on it, but I chose to screw around with the levels and hue instead. The result is decidedly... odd.

I think it gets the point across though.

I'm still jealous of the iPhone users out there who are upgrading OS and hardware like crazy. But, as long as my BB stays sane and stops self-rebooting without invitation (very annoying), I'm pretty sure I can deal with it :-)