Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fun Free Fotos

Yup. Free.

It has been too long since I did some work for free, so I have started a promo where I'll give away up to 5 free portrait sessions and the resulting picures.

Here's the details (straight from my craigslist ad):
I am a professional photographer hoping to help some people out in our current economy.
During the month of June I will choose up to 5 applicants and GIVE AWAY a free professional portrait session to each.
Each of the chosen applicants will receive up to 2 hours of my time on location, and then a full-resolution CD of the top 10 images, absolutely free.

What's the catch, you say?

You need to write me an email, telling me why YOU deserve a free portrait session. Tell me about yourself, what you do for a living, what you wish you were doing for a living, your family, whatever. Convice me to take your picture.

Hit up my website to see my portfolios. This offer is for real, and only lasts for the month of June.

Send me your convincing email at


I am also doing a photoshoot today with an old friend/new model and then meeting up with Chase Jarvis and crew in downtown Boulder.
On top of that, I'm learning how to work my new BlackBerry. I joined the 21st century and got a BB that can take pictures and do all sorts of fun things, so I'll probably load pictures from that, just like Chase Jarvis does (because who doesn't want to be like him?)