Friday, May 15, 2009

Electronica heaven!

My latest electronic obsession: The Amazon Kindle DX.


I could really go for one of these suckers. If they release it in color (like I hope they will) OR if they do a price-cut or come out with a new version before I go back to school in late August, I might HAVE to buy one. Fortunately for me, the promo video at the bottom of the page (linked above) does all the justification for me. It does books, blogs, magazines, newspapers, PDF's and textbooks! It has 3G wireless for FREE! You can read for days without recharging, and the screen was actually done intelligently (not backlit), so it "reads just like a printed page" with "e-ink" in 16 shades of grey.
Now, I know better than to purchase a first-generation anything (except the iPod Touch... because I just couldn't wait), but this is already the second or third generation of Kindle. Once I see a 9" screen at $350, or a color screen under $500, I will buy the darn thing and replace all the miserable college textbooks that I would otherwise be carrying around, with a sweet device just over 1/3" thick. Then (sadly for the printing industry), I don't have to buy each new book in a series and find space on my bookshelf (which I just cleared all my old books off of to make room for photography books). Instead, I can just download it for a measly $10.00 and it stores on the Kindle's 3.3gb flash drive.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll clean my drool off my keyboard and get back to being productive :-)