Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Classic College Antics: Undie Run

How often do YOU get to take pictures of 50+ people running around in their underwear?

The above shots are all from the annual "Undie Run" at NAU that goes off just before Finals week. I never got a good count of how many people ran, but there were a lot.

The run apparently started at the Student Union, and progressed to do a few laps around north campus at which point it broke up into several smaller groups, some of which ransacked the Library, while others headed to downtown Flagstaff. One of these split-off groups managed to get into my dorm, where they proceeded to run down the halls screaming and banging on doors. (middle shot, above).
After all that running, they took a break outside the back of my building, took pictures of each other and basically loitered and gave my RHD a hard time (she tried to shoo them off, but they wouldn't hear of it).

The paper (sadly) is done printing for this year, so the only publicity any of my shots will get will come from this blog.

To get a feeling of how many people ran, check out this video posted by one of the RA's in my building who was on the third floor when they ran by as a cohesive group.

This week is finals week for me, so Blog Lite will probably continue until I am back in Colorado.