Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday link

Once again, our favorite day of the week here at the Vault Blog.

Today, only one image published that I know of, this time a Tattoo story I shot early last week. I'm fairly sure only one of the two images on the website made the paper, but if I'm wrong I'll update you (my loyal readers) when I get my hands on the actual print version.

This was the last glorious issue of The Lumberjack for this year, so from now on I'll have to figure out something else to do for Thursday blogging.... darn.

We're having our final party staff meeting this Sunday. Free food and a chance to lounge around and talk journalism-ish stuff. Should be fun :-)

Right now I'm in the middle of packing, cleaning, and studying for finals. This is my last week of actual classes, which is followed by three days of finals and I am outta Flag and back to Boulder.

Peace 'n' Love!