Friday, April 3, 2009

Sweet Speaker #2

I had a shoot yesterday evening covering the presentation of NAU Professor Annette McGivney's new book Resurrection: Glen Canyon and a New Vision for the American West.
My editor told me we were covering the event for "personal as well as news reasons." That said to me "this is going to be really boring, but we have to cover it because this professor used to be the faculty advisor for The Lumberjack."
Whatever. I signed up for and I am very glad I did.
It turns out super famous (and really cool) photographer James Kay did all the images in the book.
Mr. Kay has had his work published all over the place, including TIME, Outdoor Photographer, Sky, Ski, and National Geographic Adventure. He is also featured in the Nikon Legends collection.
He spoke for a while, showed a 30 min video that complimented the book very well. He also stuck around for the book signing after the presentation. I met him and asked if he would be willing to look through some of my photos. He said he'd love to and that I should bring it by the "party" this Saturday at Echo Canyon Art Gallery.
While I was there, I also ran into the director of the School of Communication, who also agreed to look through my work.
Overall, it was a very productive networking evening for me :-)