Thursday, April 2, 2009


Something that I don't do very much, but would love to do more of, is photo stitching (or according to Photoshop CS4, Photomerging).
This technique is most often used for landscapes, but can be used for other things as well.
Because I lack a fisheye lens (or any lens wider than 18mm), I decided to use a stitch at Grant Imahara's speech earlier this week to show the size of the crowd. (click to enlarge)

The lens on my camera was my fixed 28mm. I was at ISO 2000 ish. This stitch includes three photos. Photoshop did all the hard work and I simply cropped the end result to fit my liking.

In this room, there were 850 seats. That is a fair amount of people, especially for an on-campus speaker (many of whom draw around 100 people). There were people standing the back and sitting in the isles, and 150 people were turned away at the door.
I knew this shot wouldn't run in the paper, but I also knew that I couldn't capture the sheer size of the crowd in any other way with the equipment that I had (or have). I figured it might run online, so I did it anyway. Whoever is in charge of The Lumberjack online rejected this photo, but luckily for me I don't need them to get my work out into the world.