Friday, April 24, 2009

Relay for life

Hey all,

I'm away from my computer this weekend, so I figure it is a great opportunity to try blogger's feature that allows me to email in my blog entry! My fantastic phone does email quite well, but the internet is pretty horrible so accessing the regular site would be a huge pain.

I spent an hour today fiddling around in Bridge CS4. Specifically, I looked at the web galleries. I really like the look that they have, so I may end up replacing my current galleries on with new Bridge-produced ones.

My editor at The Lumberjack has asked all of us to shoot as if our goal is a photostory. The Relay For Life event was perfect for me to practice this style of shooting (as opposed to my usual model of "get 3 good shots).

Because we (the photo staff) are still working on convincing the production and web people to publish photo stories, I made a Bridge gallery of my best shots from the relay for life and published it at:

I was having trouble with the link earlier this morning, but my server tells me all is well as of now.

I would really like a way to show the captions in the gallery, but none of the templates I saw allowed that option without including ALL of my metadata as well.

That's it for now! Please leave a comment if you cannot view the linked gallery. (These comments are emailed to me, so I get them immediately after you send them)