Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Monitor glory

I was bored this afternoon and decided to take some photos using only the light from my two monitors. ISO 400, 1/15 second or so. I boosted the contrast in Aperture and here's what I got.
I know this shot has been done a zillion times by a zillion different people, but I hadn't done it and it was fun to try.

As promised, I went into my action portfolio on the new vaultphotos.com and edited out a few of the weaker images. I have a couple critiques coming up from actual photographers, so I'm excited!

Zack Arias = awesome. He's a professional music photographer who has been using his blog to critique other photog's work. The stuff he has to say is very valuable and I've learned a lot just listening to him (not to mention some of his rants are hilarious).

Finally, I got my book from Blurb today. It is about what I expected. The most impressive part is the cover/jacket. The paper is fairly high quality, though the binding seems a little on the wimpy side. Eventually I'll publish a big book, with some big photos, and maybe even some words. For now, books like this will do the trick.

That's all for today! I'm busy for the rest of this week, so it may become Blog Lite around here.