Monday, April 13, 2009

Disposable Camera

F13. 1/100 sec. Black and White PC. ISO 200, 400, or 800. (depending on light)

I decided to challenge myself yesterday by turning my D300 into a disposable B&W camera.
After some quick Internet reading, I learned the basic stats on the average disposable. I popped a 50mm on the D300, set it to focus just before infinity, dialed in the appropriate aperture and shutter speed, and ran around shooting for an hour. Oh, and I also set the camera to "Monochromatic" PC and added a red filter to that effect. I know the rule is "shoot everything in color, covert to monochrome later" but I like breaking rules. :-)

I really enjoyed this self-assignment. It was a lot of fun not having to wait for the camera to focus, but just firing away at anything that struck my fancy. Of course, my focus was off in a couple shots and none of them are tack-sharp the way I usually like my photos... but that's the fun in experimenting.

Unfortunately, I did have to cheat on the Tabasco shot. At ISO 800 and F13 I was still way short on light. It ended up being 1/3 sec but that's the beauty of using a digital camera. I have the ability to cheat.

That's all for now!