Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Darkroom fun

I posted in February that I totally botched developing a roll of film.
I figured I would let my faithful readers know that I have since successfully developed more than 5 rolls and made quite a few fantastic prints from them.

Yesterday I took the afternoon off and spent 4 hours in NAU's fantastic darkroom working on prints. I printed a few different shots but ended up focusing on only 2 of them. One (old) shot of tulips and a much newer landscape shot of a lone tree that I've wanted to photograph for a while but didn't get around to until Spring Break this year.

Making prints of the tulips was easy peasy. Test strip, 2 test prints, then just pushing paper through the chemicals. I made 4 good prints.

This image is available as a Very Limited Edition (1/4) hand-printed and signed 8x10 for $75 or as a Limited Edition (1/125) 8x10 for $25

The second print involved some very serious dodging, burning and variable contrast work. I made 5 prints of the same negative and they all look totally different.

Because I lack a scanner, here's a PhotoBooth shot showing the second image.

The light from my monitor makes it look blue on the bottom, but it isn't.
This image is available as a Super Limited Edition (1/2) hand-printed and signed 8x10 for $150