Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Birthday Shot

Today was my 19th birthday, and I had a pretty darn good day.
I made the decision the other night that I was going to carry around my D300 all day and take some photos. There was one shot in particular that I've been wanting to make, so that was my primary focus for the morning. I got it done right after my 8am photo class got out:
The model is a fellow photog in my class, who happens to live in my dorm.
I would have liked to have the source of light (a window in a door) a little further away, but I really like the shot as it came out.
The rest of the photos I took were pretty much crappy snapshots.
But, for your entertainment:
From left to right is Scott Davis (friend), Tom Muller (roommate) and Me.
Today the weather in Flagstaff was 72+ degrees and we decided it was an opportune time to get all of us in kilts. It was Scott and Tom's first time and I daresay they enjoyed it, even if they wouldn't admit to it. All three kilts belong to me, but I've gotten quite a few different sizes of kilts in the last few years, so we manged to make it work.

Here: a shameless plug for UTILIKILTS
I wear my kilts at least 85% of the time and I LOVE them.
They stand up to everything I can give them and then beg for more. The more awesome models have pockets enough to fit all the gear I need for a shoot, and they're super-stylish!
Pants, even the best cargo pants have nothing on these suckers :-)

Peace 'n' Love!